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Listen carefully to your child's questions. Children ask questions all the time. We adults take many things for granted, but they are constantly curious. They can remind us of problems that we have forgotten even exist. Children can think, and they can be philosophers.
Some of the questions that children ask are about the way the world is: "Why does the sun shine?", "What is snow?" How does a phone work? But some questions are different: "What are we here for?", "Who is a good person?", "Should we fight wars?" To answer the first type of question you can go to Wikipedia, but people have been asking the second type of question for thousands of years and have yet to reach agreement on the answers. When your children ask you these questions, you may be forced to think things over again - and this is where the most exciting conversations with your children may start.
We hope that this forum will provide a place where we can exchange experiences of discussing philosophy with children and talk about how we can best respond to our children's philosophical questions, so as to encourage them to think. Though we are professional philosophers, we make no claim to have special knowledge about how to talk about philosophy with your children. Rather we think, we can learn from each other. And especially, we think, we can learn from our children.
Katarzyna de Lazari-Radek and Peter Singer
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